Sisqual-wff (Workforce Forecast)


Sisqual-wff (Workforce Forecast) - Project submeted to Portugal 2020


GTIC - Group of Information and Communication Technologies, recently created in CEPESE - Population Studies, Economy and Society Center, was invited by SISQUAL. - Company of Research and Development Information Systems Ltd. to participate in R&D project, whose application for funding will be submitted to Portugal in 2020 under the Notice 10 / SI / 2015 Incentive System for Innovation and Technological Development (R & TD), Demonstrator Projects Individual.

With this project the company intends to develop a new product, called SISQUAL-wff (Workforce Forecast), to facilitate the difficult human resource management task. This product, which will integrate highly complex algorithms, based on the most resent scientific discoveries in the area, will be extremely useful for any human resources manager. This product will determine, with the greatest possible reliability, the human resource needs based on customer traffic prediction for a certain period of time.

The GTIC integrates researchers of international reputation in several areas of statistics, Psychometrics and Computing and his intervention will be key to the resolution of the algorithms necessary for the customer flow forecast.

Additionally, GTIC will give strong support:

  • The identification and validation of the various factors critical to the success of the algorithms;
  • In the assessment of the critical factors taking into account the areas of Psychology, Human Resource Management, Communication and Management;
  • The dissemination of results;